Relay Read

Givers Get Cash

Here’s a reward just for you - The Giver! 

Now when you give books out, you don’t only earn RelayPoints but also earn cash vouchers every time you give books out. This is how!

Complete the ‘3 Ps of Giving’ and get Cash Vouchers of Rs. 10 for shipment of any order that you receive for your books. Here’s what you need to do:

Pack the books

Pack the books in plain envelope or with a plain sheet of paper (seal the pack with proper adhesive tap of glue)

Print the shipping label

Print the shipping label, which you'll get from us over email and SMS when you receive an order for your books (also available in your RelayRead account)

Past the label

Paste the label on the sealed pack containing the books that you packed.

Do this, and a cash voucher of Rs. 10 will be credited in your RelayRead account once you handover the pack of books to the shipping executive. You can use these cash vouchers against the shipping charges for the books that you order on

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Rs. 10 cash vouchers are made available to you when you pack the books, print the shipping label, and paste the shipping label on the packed books and hand the same over to the shipping executive coming to pick-up the books from you. 
  2. These cash vouchers will be credited in our RelayRead account after you handover the books as mentioned in Point 1 above.
  3. Each cash voucher that you get, can be used only once, and only against the shipping charges of the books that you order on
  4. These vouchers can be used on shipping charges only when you order books from other members of RelayRead. These vouchers cannot be used against shipping charges when you order books from the Central Relay Library (CRL) of RelayRead.  
  5. These vouchers cannot be used against facilitation fees, offer price of books that you purchase from the CRL, or purchase of RelayPoints, on
  6. One voucher can be used only once. 
  7. Only one voucher can be used against shipping charges of any given Order/AWB. Two or vouchers cannot be clubbed in a single order. 
  8. These cash vouchers cannot be used anywhere and for any purpose outside of
  9. These vouchers are non-transferable. 
  10. These vouchers are issued under limited period offers, and would be discontinued as per the discretion of the company (Reading Boundless Pvt. Ltd.). 
  11. The Company (Reading Boundless Pvt. Ltd.) reserves the right to cancel the offer or to change the Terms & Conditions thereof at any time at its sole discretion. 
  12. The decision of the company (Reading Boundless Pvt. Ltd.) will be final in case of any dispute.