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Give a Book

"The Best thing to do with the Best things in life is to Give them away"

Dorothy Day

Remember the 3Ps of Giving

  1. Pack the books
  2. Print the shipping label
  3. Paste the label on the packed books

Follow the simple steps given below to upload the books that you want to give out:

  • Enter your book's title, author or ISBN
  • Select your book title & cover from the displayed books, OR
  • If you don’t see your book in the displayed list, enter your book manually
  • Fill in the required details and hit ‘Add this Book’

Books often find little use and respect once you have read them through. And one is often left wondering how to best utilize such books. So here is your opportunity - you can sell books that you have read by simply uploading those. Wait for a buyer to choose your book, earn Relay Points for the books that you give out. Use those points to order books of your choice from your fellow RelayRead members.

Nothing can match the happiness of sharing your treasured books with others, who would love reading them as much as you did!