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The Invisible Man

By: H. G. Wells

Facilitation Fee: 11

ISBN: 9781541547865

Language: English

Book Condition: New like

Type of Cover: Paperback

Giver: shreyaarora128 (Location: Gautam buddha nagar, Uttar pradesh)


A strange and reclusive scientist takes a room at a village inn. Griffin keeps his face wrapped in bandages and exhibits peculiar behaviors, such as turning his room into a laboratory, causing a stir among the locals. When he runs out of money and is told he must leave, he accidentally reveals a secret—he's invisible. Driven mad by this condition, Griffin flees to the house of Dr. Kemp, a former medical school colleague. It is only then that Griffin explains how his invisibility resulted from a disastrous experiment. As the town's suspicions grow, Griffin falls further into madness, which leads to tragic consequences. This is an unabridged version of English author H.G. Wells's science-fiction novel, which was first published in 1897.

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