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Iacocca an autobiography

By: Lee Iacocca with William Novak

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ISBN: 0553171380

Language: English

Book Condition: Good

Type of Cover: Paperback

Giver: prathihpm (Location: Mysore, Karnataka)


Iacocca: An Autobiography is the autobiography of Lee Iacocca, a famous veteran in the car industry. Iacocca: An Autobiography starts with the first part, Lee Iacocca’s childhood days. He belonged to an Italian immigrant family. The attack of rheumatic fever prevented Iacocca from listing for the army during World War II. A smart student, he joined Lehigh University and finished the course in eight semesters. Iacocca was offered a job in Ford and a fellowship for a graduate degree in Princeton University. Unable to decide, Iacocca settled for the University degree, but got the promise of a job soon after finishing it. His recruiter who had promised him the job listed in the war scene and Iacocca had no point of contact at Ford. Persevering the opportunity, he secured the 51st spot in the training group. The second part talks about the Ford Story. He established a relationship with Henry Ford II and Robert McNamara. After eight sincere years at Ford, when Henry Ford became President of Ford Company, his insecurity popped up. He didn’t want Iacocca to become the next CEO. Using dirty politics, Henry fired Iacocca. Iacocca had to walk out of his dream company on his 54th birthday. The third part of the autobiography talks about the Chrysler episode. The Chrysler organisation was faced with a shut down. Iacocca explains how he faced the challenge of restructuring the company, and got a loan of $1.2 billion from the government along with a load of conditions. Iacocca had to turn the company into a profitable one and manufacture cars with increased fuel efficiency. A fighter, Iacocca successfully managed to bring Chrysler out of the clouds and flourish. The last part of the book titled as Straight Talk, deals with lawful policies to be brought about for car users.

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