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For true book lovers, the joy and pleasure of reading a book is unparalleled. We know that you simply love flipping the pages of those books and just keep reading.

However some questions keep popping up:

  1. What do you do with your books once you have read them?
    • Adorn your bookshelf with those books?
    • Or keep them safely in a trunk?
    • Or simply wait for an apt time to donate them for a good cause?
    • Or openly share them with other readers
  2. Do you really need to buy a new book every time you want to read one?
    • Or you are open to reading a pre-read copy?
    • And would choose reading many books at the cost of buying a new one

Your books have a much bigger role to play in your lives, and in the lives of other book-lovers like you. RelayRead lets you give a new lease to the life of your beloved books, by sharing them and giving them out to others.

RelayRead came into being with a vision to promote 'reading' of the 'real' (a.k.a. physical) books amongst people of India. The core purpose behind this is to make books accessible and affordable to/for a whole majority of people. RelayRead also aims to promote book sharing amongst people so that everyone gets to read more by spending much less.

Relay Read works as the next level of a book exchange house or a book rental service. Relay Read is a people’s book library, created by people and for people like you.

RelayRead is a first of its kind of platform for book lovers like you, who believe that books should be freely shared with others, who believe that it’s pointless to capture books in the bounds of bookshelves/trunks. RelayRead allows you to freely access books from other readers/users around the country who want to share their books with others. With Relay Read, you can give out your books to other readers, and get books that are being offered by other readers across India.

RelayRead is a great boon to students of all ages, who on one side spend a fortune buying curriculum-based textbooks, books for exam preparations and reference books, and on the other hand, find little use of those books once they have served their purpose. So be it school books, books for college going students, higher education, professional studies or even entrance exams’ preparation, you can find a range of educational books on RelayRead.

And here is another BIG NEWS!

On our platform, you do not pay money to the other users from whom you get a book. You simply use your RelayPoints (points that you earn by giving out books on RelayRead), pay a small facilitation fee to us, the shipping charges, and we get the book delivered at your doorstep.

With RelayRead, you get to read books at a fraction of the cost of buying a new copy of the same book. You get to access and order books from our members spread across the country. You can keep the books that you get, or simply RELAY them on.


Aditya Joshi - Marketer and Technology Advocate

Aditya Joshi

Aditya is a keen marketer and technology advocate, with a background in consumer goods marketing, brand management, client consulting, and business development. He has over 20 years of professional experience, and has worked with premier global and Indian brands (Hershey Chocolates, Sofit, Frooti, Appy, Raymond, Nielsen, VVF, and arroWebs).

Apart from being a keen reader, he is an ardent sports fan and a passionate Squash player. He also likes listening to music, traveling, and spending time with his family and friends. Aditya is a management graduate from IMS-Indore; Mumbai and Dubai being his twin karma-bhoomiis.

Aashish Chandorkar

Aashish Chandorkar

Aashish Chandorkar is one of the original founders of the company. He was involved in the setting up of the company before taking on his role with Government of India (GOI) as a Counsellor (Director) in India's Permanent Mission in the World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva in August 2021.

Earlier in his corporate career, Aashish worked as a management consultant, with large global firms in banking, technology and retail industry. He has worked in the US, Europe and Asia and has over 21 years of professional experience.

Aashish also used to be a public policy commentator. He has regularly appeared on television and in other media. His works have been featured on leading publications like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Financial Express, Firstpost and Swarajya. Aashish is also an author of one book on Maharashtra politics. He is an IIM graduate, and was based in Pune before moving to Geneva.

Sourav Saha

Sourav Saha

Sourav is a consultant by profession, and brings in more than two decades of experience across services, FMCG, consumer durables, etc. Having worked in diverse Indian & multinational organizations like Pidilite, Nielsen & Eureka Forbes, he brings to the table his rich & diverse experience across functions of finance, marketing, and organizational development.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Presidency College, Kolkata, and post-graduation in Management from IMI, New Delhi. He loves unwinding with his diverse taste in music, and sneaks out for long drives with family & friends whenever he can manage to. Throw in some movies & sports in between and he is a happy man.